Saturday, February 23, 2019
Lead Information For Parents And Health Care Providers
Lead poisoning is a silent disease:
  • You may not know if your home has lead paint
  • Your child can have lead poisoning and not seem sick
  • Children with lead poisoning may have learning disabilities and behavior problems
  • Serious cases can lead to death

A blood sample from your child's finger is all that is needed to obtain a lead level for your child.

Beginning in the Fall of 2008, all Iowa children must have proof of a blood lead test before starting kindergarten, or as soon after that as the parents are notified that the child needs a test. For additional information click on the links below:  

Bureau of Lead Poisoning Prevention
Mandatory Blood Lead Testing For Parents

Mandatory Blood Least Testing For Healthcare Providers

Please call Washington County Public Health & Home Care at 319-653-7758 or 800-655-7758 ext. 123 to schedule your child to have a lead test.