Friday, January 19, 2018
Parents Place
All new parents quickly learn that, in addition to being lovable, babies are EXPENSIVE! One of the most expensive items they use is diapers – and they use several of them every day! At The Family Connection, we know how hard it is to afford all of the things your children need, so we created The Parents Place to help!

The Parents Place is a program designed to assist families with limited income by providing access to free diapers and baby wipes!  All families who meet income guidelines for WIC, and are enrolled and active in The Family Connection are eligible to participate in the Parents Place program! When you enroll, you will receive information about how to earn points for your family and a card on which you can keep track of those points. Points can be earned for a variety of activities including; getting your child immunized, attending in-home visits with your Family Connection Parent Educator, and checking out books for your child at your local library! Then, you can bring your card to The Parents Place any time during WIC clinic hours to exchange your points for diapers and baby wipes! It’s that easy! And it’s free! 

Families can enroll in The Parents Place during WIC hours or by talking to their Parent Educator during an in-home visit!

Questions? Please call us at The Family Connection at 319-653-7758 or email us at We'd love to hear from you!