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What’s happening to hawk-i in 2018/2019?

  • You can still get free or low-cost healthcare coverage for kids and teens
  • Income guidelines will be changing, which means families with higher income may qualify!
  • An easier application process - Applications for hawk-i should be completed on click here
  • Children on hawk-i will be covered by either Amerigroup or UnitedHealthcare.
  • Families already on hawk-i will not have any changes and they will still qualify for either hawk-i or Medicaid at that time.

hawk-i Overview

Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa, or hawk-i, is a health insurance program for children. hawk-i serves children throughout the State of Iowa, making sure they receive the medical/dental attention they need so they can grow healthy and strong.  hawk-i is for families who make too much money to receive Medicaid, but find their private insurance plans are too high in price.  Children ages 0-19 years of age, whose families meet the income guidelines, are eligible to receive low-cost or free health insurance through the hawk-i program.  In Washington and Henry County, the hawk-i medical plan is administered through United Health Care and Amerigroup.  Once a family is determined eligible they are able to choose which plan is best for their children.
Families are now able to apply for a dental only plan through hawk-i.   So if your child has medical insurance but no dental insurance this is an option for you.  In Washington and Henry County, the hawk-i dental plan is administered through Delta Dental.

For more information about hawk-i, please visit  This website also has downloadable material for you to look through or print for distribution.  You may also call Washington County Public Health & Home Care at 319-653-7758 or 800-655-7758 EXT 104 or email Jen Weidman, at about any questions you have concerning the program or the application process.

hawk-i brochure with income guidelines-English
hawk-i brochure with income guideline-Spanish
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