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Helping our community to be prepared to respond to emergencies.

Emergency Preparedness

The Iowa Department of Public Health works with local, state and federal partners to increase the state's ability to respond to bioterrorism, infectious disease outbreaks and other public health emergencies.

Preparedness Kit and Plan Urged for Every Iowa Household

If you’ve lived in Iowa at any time over the last several years, you know tornadoes, flooding, and other perils of Mother Nature are no stranger to the Hawkeye state.

In its seventh year, the Protect Iowa Health Emergency Preparedness Campaign encourages Iowans to make a kit, make a plan, and be prepared for any kind of emergency.

Make a Kit

  • During or after an emergency, you won’t have time to search for supplies. An emergency supply kit contains the basic items needed during an emergency. This should be prepared in advance!
  • Keep the kit where you can reach it quickly in case of an emergency. Place the kit in an easy-to-carry container like a plastic storage container with handles, a backpack or duffel bag.
  • Review the contents of your kit periodically to make sure food and water are fresh and prescription medicines are not out-of-date. Store the kit in a cool, dry location known to all household members.

Make a Plan

  • In an emergency, communications may be difficult, if not impossible. When a disaster strikes, some family members may be at work, others at school, church or home. To reunite with your loved ones, designate a primary meeting place in your immediate area and a secondary place outside your neighborhood or town.
  • Designate an emergency contact, preferably someone out of town or state - it may be easier to make a long distance call across the country than to call across town. Make sure each family member knows the contact number.
  • If you have loved ones or neighbors that are elderly or disabled and may need assistance in an emergency, offer to include them in your emergency plans.

Get the Guide

For a free copy of the Protect Iowa Health An Iowa Guide to Keeping You Safe guidebook, call 866-339-7906 or download the guide from the link below.

View the Protect Iowa Health Guidebook

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