Referral Assistance

Care Coordinator Services

Helping identify local referral resources and working with families to determine specific, community-based services.

Insurance Coverage for Pregnant Women and Children

Washington County Public Health has staff available to assist pregnant women and children with understanding their insurance coverage. If you need assistance in applying or understanding your coverage or contacting the Department of Human Services, our agency may be able to help you through this process. Contact Sarah Smith, BSW, at 319-653-7758 x 104 or

Healthy Families Line

This number will link you with your local EPSDT Care Coordinator, who will work with you and the family to access additional screening, evaluation, or intervention services that may be part of the child's comprehensive plan of care. The EPSDT Care Coordinator will also help you connect the family to referral resources.

Care coordination services can help you identify local referral resources and work with the family to determine specific, community-based services they can use to meet the goals they have set in their child's individualized care plan.

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